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Daniel Toy & Rosanna Coyle arrived in Philly from New Brunswick, Canada on Sept. 19,1817 on the Schooner Mary Ann. Ship manifest says “Danl Toy & Family, Three”.  Ship originally set said from Londonderry, Ireland.  Now, Daniel and Rosanna had 2 children at the time of passage and must have left one (probably the older one)  behind in Upper Moville, Donegal, Ireland. The ship’s master is John Beyea. Daniel was working for Dupont by 1918 and died in 1832 in a gunpowder explosion at Dupont.  Daniel was a supervisor for Dupont at the time.  Rosanna never remarried.
1. Neil or Cornelius1813-1881 (died in Iowa) started working at Dupont in 1832 shortlly after Daniel killed as per Hagley Digital records; married Rebecca Rusk (1823-1881) in 1844.
Anna (b. 1861)
James (built railroad cars at harlan & hollingsworth; pusey and jones-2.James (b. 12/8/1816 in donegal- 1881) buried St. Joseph RC on Brandywine — wife Ann Curran or Curren 1824-1849 of Halifax, England (died during child birth  w Rosanna 1848)
Daniel  1842-1877- married Anna Finn in 1870
Martha Jane 1847-1940 (married John Doran in 1879)
John Thomas 1844-1919 (leased Jefferson House at rising sun/ Dupont Banks lived at Christiana Hundred; married Mary Elwood in 1867(1847-1901)from Waterford, Ireland)
Anna (married William Gunn) 1868-1893; Gunn died in 1893 too
William Gunn Jr. 1893-1894
Elizabeth “Lizzie” 1870-1871
Elwood N. (handicapped?) died 1931
Rose Helen  1875-1957 (married George Fritzell)
Ida May (m. James Edwin Johnson in 1895)
Daniel Henry (1880-1903) went by  D. “Harry “
Charlotte 1886-1975 never married?
Thomas  -died as child 1882-1884
Rosanna 1848-died in infancy
married again in 1851 Children with Bridget McCullion or McCallen or McCallion (1828-1897)(buried St. Joseph RC on brandywine):

Catherine A. 1852-1929 in Los Angeles (married John McLear or John McAlier or McAleer)

Francis J. McLear (b. 1880)

Neal or Neil or Cornelius1855-1901 m. katherine McClafferty in 1879

Thomas Francis (b. Aug. 18,1890-1918)

James died as infant

Joseph Hudson (1857-1935) died in Brewster, NY; married Catherine Rowe in 1880

Ellen 1880

James 1881

William 1883

Joseph Henry 1884

Thomas Ford 1886

Susan 1888

Elizabeth 1892

henry j b. 1861 -married joan keft in 1892

james died as child

Rose  died young

james married Elizabeth McElwee

James 1890

Mary    1892

Anna  1895

Estella 1899

?Henry J. 1924-1981 (married Hazel Ward)

Augustus died as infant

eugene Ignatius  b 1866-1957 (married Anna McLear-daugher of Patrick McLear and mary ann blondell blundel)

Eugene Ignatius (B. 1903) married Marie Dorsey

Eugene Ignatius


Ann Elizabeth (married Donald R. Archer)

Donald R. b. 1959

Christopher b 1962

Michael b. 1964

Lori b. 1967

Scott  b 1967

Robert  b 1969

Steven b. 1976

Carol (married Joe Traurig)

Joseph C. (never married Priest in French Quarter New Orleans)

owen  died as infant

mary  died as infant

3. Anna or Ann (1821-1896) (married Paul Bogan in 1842)
4. Jane 1822-1909

5. Mary  (Maria) 1825-1885 (married James McKenna in 1850)
Daniel (1856-1887) a twin
Caroline (1856-1858)
6. Daniel (born 1828; d. 1861)
7. Martha b. 1830
8. Elizabeth (died at birth?)

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Daniel Toy & Rose Coyle arrive in Delaware in 1817

19, September 1817
                       Schooner Mary Ann
                         New Brunswick
Schooner = Mary Ann: Master = John Beyea: From = New Brunswick:
Burthen = [?] tons: Built at = New Brunswick: Bound to = Philadelphia:
   Names                         Baggage
  ======                        ========
William Stewart                  )
Russell & Gibbons                )
Owen Martin & Family, Seven      )
Patrick McGire, Edward McBrior   )
James Little & Family, Six       ) and their Baggage
M. Collingwood & Family, Four    )
Danl. Toy & Family, Three        )
Charles Harra, One               )
Edward Kelly, Three
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The Toys of Delaware Genealogy

This is a blog devoted to uncovering the descendants of Daniel Toy and Rose Coyle Toy, who arrived in Wilmington, Delaware in 1817.  In addition to tracing the various branches from 1817 to present, we hope to uncover more information about the family roots in Donegal County, Ireland and specifically Upper Moville parish, which is believed to where the Delaware Toys lived prior to emigrating to Delaware.

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